About Us


Our Philosophy

TV and social media offer exposure to many negative influences.  It is now more important than ever that our youth are taught life principles like discipline, integrity, self-control, and respect.  The confidence martial arts gives is important when facing bullys and deciding not to be victimized by peer pressure.

Our Story

Bullying has always been a issue in society, but in recent years it seems to have really taken a turn for the worst.  As I watched the number of youth suicides increased I knew there was something I could do to help.  Bullying can now come in many new forms thanks to cyber-space. At FFMA we are gearing up to address them all.

Recruiting the Team

At Fast Fist we believe in serving people with the love of God.  We have a Leadership Program that was developed to recruit from within.  We make sure our instructors are trained not only in teaching TKD techniques, but in mutual respect, sensitivity and humility.  We aim to make this journey not only productive and rewarding, but fun and enlightening as well.