Black Belt Club

This programs was specifically created to recognize and reward those students that have reached the point in there martial arts journal where they are committed to reaching the goal of earning their Black Belt.  It will typically take 3 years to reach Black Belt from any beginner level rank, which is where we suggest your commitment starts to take full advantage of this program.  Find below a list of a few benefits we've identified for joining this prestige's club.

  1. Access to Unlimited scheduling of standing classes
  2. Discounts on select retail merchandise
  3. Discount on a private Dojo locker for gear & uniform
  4. Specially Designed uniform w/ FFMA logo on back
  5. Fixed monthly rate for multiple years
  6. Must participate in all belt tests hosted at Fast Fist
  7. Must participate in 3 tournaments annually
  8. Two parents/guardians eligible for 1 FREE Self Defense per Quarter
  9. Discount on Private Sessions & Special Events
  10. Two (2) FREE months per (3) year contract term