Owner & Head Instructor Shad Fuller began his Tae Kwon Do journey in 1986 and received 1st Degree Black Belt in 1991 under the instruction of Mr. Chuck Timmons 9th Degree Black Belt.  Mr. Timmons as won numerous sparring & kata awards and championships including a 3-Time winner of the prestigious ‘GOLDEN GREEK’ award from the Amateur Organization of Karate.  Mr. Timmons studied under Mike Hughes.  Mr. Hughes studied under D.P. Hill (Four Fingers of Death).  Mr. Hill studied under Allen Stein.

From 1987 through 1993 Mr. Fuller consistently ranked in the top 5 annually and has won numerous sparring & kata awards in his competitive career including 1992 Black Belt Rookie of the Year.  Mr. Fuller won the National Sparring Title for Adult Black Belt Men in 1994.

Mr. Fuller has been teaching martial arts for over 20 years in Texas in various communities and to all ages and ability levels.  He began teaching self defense at a Bishop College summer camp in 1990 to ages 5-18.  “I found a love & a gift for reaching students in a way that encourages their best effort and expand their personal expectations.  I’ve been privileged to instruct students with various disabilities and have found the repetitious nature and consistent focus required for Martial Arts provides a healthy & positive  environment for rehabilitation and successfully adapting to all conditions.”

Mr. Fuller has earned the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in 2016.  I accept the honor of teaching Tae Kwon Do not only as an opportunity to instruct on physical techniques & combinations that can be used to fend off any attacker, but I also accept the privilege of being a positive role model.  I use the time I have with youth to instill respect for others & authority figures, self confidence, discipline, focus and good manners.  I encourage Fast Fist students to apply these principles in everything they do in life.  I pray my students never have to use the techniques they learn in class to defend themselves, however I am determined to equip them with leadership skills that are beneficial in resolving conflict at any level.