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Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon-Do is a modern Korean martial art, known for dynamic kicks, and quick footwork. It is an all-around program that offers self-defense training, physical exercise, and artistic expression; all taught by an experienced professional instructor.

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Lil Dragons

This group of young athletes ranges from age 3-5 years old.  This is the starter class for future Tae Kwon Do experts.  We do fitness exercise, basic blocks, kicks and punches.  They are introduced to the structure and discipline of martial arts class at a slow and fun pace.  The thing these all-stars don't do is Point Sparring.

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Self Defense

We offer and Adult Fitness & Self Defense class.  We cover cardio exercises with a productive mix of self defense training that is flexible to all ages and physical capabilities.  This is a perfect class for that busy bee that knows the importance of maintaining their stamina and wouldn't mind  more confidence gained by their knowledge and ability to deal with an unfortunate attack.

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Discover the Martial Artist in You

You can start your journey immediately by clicking the "Register Today" button and scheduling your first class. We are excited at the opportunity to have you as a student.

More Than Karate

At Fast Fist we believe in developing youth students as a whole individual with life principles such as discipline, integrity, humility, perseverance and spiritual enlightenment.  Self-Control is a responsibility that comes with the opportunity to learn effective  techniques to subdue an attacker.  Tae kwon-do translates to “the art of kicking and punching.” Its physical aspects come from the kicking and punching, while its spiritual aspects come from the art.

Although the literal translation of Taekwondo is the art of kicking and punching, it is only a superficial translation. “Do” in Korean implies a philosophical approach to life, a pathway to achieve enlightenment. Taekwondo is not only a method of self-defense, it is also a way of life. Students of Taekwondo, through rigorous physical training, try to improve themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. True Taekwondo practitioners extend the art to all aspects of their lives to achieve harmony with nature and a stable and peaceful existence.